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The Movie For 2018 (And Do We Need It!)

Bohemian Rhapsody – The Movie: Official Trailer Don’t ask me how many times I’ve played that. Or the song. See what it’s like to have the entire world in your hand after the break.

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Google’s October 2018 Event

What they claim: Click = big What happened there?! This is a feature I was fantasizing about just the other day: The phone itself answers. But this goes a step further by not doing voice passthrough. It’s a transcription. Interesting. … Continue reading

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Fondle/Google Books PDF Test: BLU Vivo XI+

I was finally able to find a BLU Vivo XI+ in a Best Buy (Fifth Avenue, if you must know). The Home screen as I found it:

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Light Fondle: Xiaomi Redmi 6A Phone

I really need a phone. The wallet says no, but even so, I research. Just In Case. During that bit, I wondered if B&H actually had any Xiaomi phone in-store for fondling. They did. And, intriguingly, one was cheap: The … Continue reading

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Weekend Review: October 6-8, 2018

A three-day weekend because of Columbus Day. Sightings (primarily on Monday, the 8th): 5 unidentified eSkateboards (at least 2 looked DIY), 5 unidentified eScooters, 3 Boosted boards, 1 Meepo board, 1 Verreal board, 1 Onewheel, and an eScooter that looked … Continue reading

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New iPad Pro Details Leak: USB-C!

Exclusive: iPad Pro Face ID details, 4K HDR video over USB-C, AirPods-like Apple Pencil 2 pairing, more With its USB-C port, the 2018 iPad Pro will be able to output 4K HDR video to external displays. To accommodate this feature, … Continue reading

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The Chinese Espionage Story Won’t Die

But some people are sure wanting it to: Security researcher cited in Bloomberg’s China spy chip investigation casts doubt on story’s veracity Also: Supply Chain Security is the Whole Enchilada, But Who’s Willing to Pay for It? And a Commenter … Continue reading

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Showtime’s “Kidding” Is Breathtaking Television

Blah blah blah they’re desecrating Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. No.

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China Business: Set Up Auto-Responder Emails For Holidays

China has a lot of holidays. And they are sometimes long ones. We’re unused to this in the West and none of us keep track of them. I once tried. People in the West are often aggravated by not receiving … Continue reading

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