Showtime’s “Kidding” Is Breathtaking Television

Blah blah blah they’re desecrating Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.


You would think that. But it’s cunning misdirection. The series is all misdirection and it’s amazing.

Just when you think you’ve figured out the series — or the episode itself — you haven’t!

Even if you don’t like Jim Carrey or the idea of the series itself, it’s worth watching for Frank Langella.

The kids’ show is a family enterprise.

Carrey is the star.

His sister — Catherine Keener(!) — is a puppetmaker and puppeteer.

His father, played by Langella, is the head of the huge enterprise. And suddenly he’s faced with a star — his own son! — who’s going off the rails.

He gives such a phlegmatic performance that if he doesn’t win several awards for it, all the judges are blind and deaf and dumb. No matter what’s thrown at him in an episode, he has a solution. He is Machiavellian without it seeming at all evil!

In one episode, they pulled off a shot that stunned me. I couldn’t figure out how it was done. I wondered if it was CGI. But it was different. There wasn’t anything apparent. And it was so damned seamless!

Here is how they did it:

Kidding (TV SERIES) | one-shot scene (amazing!)

That is the kind of thing this series is doing. It’s nothing you would ever expect.

This is not Ordinary TV.

Catch on and catch up!


Showtime Kidding website

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