The Chinese Espionage Story Won’t Die

But some people are sure wanting it to: Security researcher cited in Bloomberg’s China spy chip investigation casts doubt on story’s veracity

Also: Supply Chain Security is the Whole Enchilada, But Who’s Willing to Pay for It?

And a Commenter at that second article understands:

Put yourself in the shoes of the Chinese government or military and consider this: Your western adversaries (as you view them) have astonishingly trusted you to manufacture all of the electronics that their entire infrastructure is based on. It’s simply too good an opportunity to pass up. If you were the Chinese Government/Military, what would you do with such an opportunity? How about a kill switch in communications hardware that would brick the device? Knocking out endpoint communications would be disruptive enough but they have manufacturing access to *every* level of our communications infrastructure. Turn off the cell towers. Turn off the fiber relays in backbone infrastructure. Why not all three?

Remember: China gave the world The Art of War. That was written in the B.C. era. And we’re going to outwit them?

China, however, really needs to understand Revenge Effects. Whatever they do is bound to bite them back.

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