Weekend Review: October 6-8, 2018

A three-day weekend because of Columbus Day.

Sightings (primarily on Monday, the 8th): 5 unidentified eSkateboards (at least 2 looked DIY), 5 unidentified eScooters, 3 Boosted boards, 1 Meepo board, 1 Verreal board, 1 Onewheel, and an eScooter that looked like a Glion Dolly. Given the increasing number of eScooters — and the variety of designs — New York City now has eScooters, whether the damned backward City Council likes them or not! It’s time to let Bird and Lime and the rest of the rental companies in!

I walked the bike path. All of the cement barriers people — including Casey Neistat — whined about …

… have been placed more sensibility. And as I said and expected, several of them have since been replaced by bollards. As much as people expect everything to run at the speed of a dotcom startup, they don’t. Develop some patience!

Despite Monday being no day to do a tech walkabout — foggy, mist, intermittent misty drizzle — I did.

I was playing hooky on a book that needs time to digest just about page-by-page: Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray by Sabine Hossenfelder. This is not a book to be finished in a weekend, even a three-day one!

So, I walked. With a mission: Fondle the Xiaomi phones at B&H. Scour the Best Buy stores to find and molest the BLU Vivo XI+.

I succeeded at both.

There will be posts.

And the Best Thing happened. I ran into The Doctor! Seventh Avenue near 32nd Street. I should have been focusing my attention ahead but wasn’t. When I did, I had about a second for pattern recognition — which is not enough time to switch processing tasks in my brain! — and saw a young blonde woman in a blue shirt with a rainbow stripe. “That looks familiar…” my brain chugged. Then I noticed the long coat. And the boots! And by the time I called out “DOCTOR!” she had passed! She was done up in the complete outfit of the 13th Doctor! Including the hairstyle.

I didn’t chase. What would have been the point? I didn’t have a camera with me. Dammit!

But seeing The 13th Doctor made me even more glad that I had decided to walk. That made the day.

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