The Earth Is Becoming Nowheresville

‘Hyperalarming’ study shows massive insect loss

This is the quote that should make you run to read this article because where the hell have you ever seen this uttered in response to science by a scientist ever before?

“Holy crap,” Wagner said of the 60-fold loss.

I don’t even know what the hell is going on here.

We were first told about the loss of frogs. Then the bees. Even the banana might go extinct.

And now insects. The one damn insect I don’t see any let-up with is mosquitoes. And I often wish to hell they could go extinct but I temper my frustration with them by knowing I’m ignorant of where they fit into the overall ecological balance. If they go, what’s next that relies on eating them to survive?

Reports like these give me a foreboding of Biblical prophecy proportions. Interpretations of the Bible can be read to mean the earth will become a nightmare of desolation and disease. (The same Book also tells of a Giant Thing smashing into the Earth. What? You thought some scientist came up with that idea to have us scan the sky? Wake up!)

Who knows why this is even happening? Climate change seems too simplistic. It could be something even worse that can no longer be contained or stopped or even uncovered.

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