Unlimited And Mellow Drives Compared By An Owner

Reddit: Mellow | Ride Unlimited (Eon) R Kit Comparison

If the group ride is a fast paced ride containing a lot of hills, I will take the Unlimited R Kit.

If the group ride is chill and long distance, I will take the Mellow.

My daily driver will be the Mellow over the Unlimited R Kit for putting around town, last mile and leisurely riding.

And that confirms my thinking.

At post time, the Unlimited R Kit is sold out. Just as well. It’s gotten cold here in NYC. I’ve lost the season.

His review leaves me with just one question, which I hope he can/will answer.

These damn dimensions!

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1 Response to Unlimited And Mellow Drives Compared By An Owner

  1. Carlos Kubler says:

    For the Unlimited powertrain that is: 15 x 22 cm

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