Ride Unlimited’s Cruiser Kit

Cruiser Kit

Wow. I totally misunderstood how that Kit worked! Since I am an idiot, I’m quoting the explanations from u/pdoron and u/laigaloon at Reddit:

The cruiser setup uses both batteries. Both batteries are powering a single motor. The R Kit is two batteries and two cores. The cruiser setup is two batteries, one core, one dummy core. The batteries are connected through the baseplate, the core and both BMS’s are aware of the configuration.


The Eon kit is completely modular. In the case of the Cruiser setup you are powering one motor with two batteries for maximum range. You can convert that to an R kit by simply adding an additional ESC, which they call “The Core” to fill in for the dummy core on the Cruiser setup. Being modular, you can get creative with how you want to configure your board, hell you can even power two motors on one battery if you so choose.

Well, damn. I was so stupid about how I thought it worked that it’s too embarrassing to put here (it’s on Reddit, though).

I’ll have to get back to thinking about all this. It’s upset what I thought I had settled on.

There’s also a picture from u/saketheaussie of it on a Fathom deck I’d never seen before:

So far, all the owner reports have been good. No complaints. And since it’s shorter than the Mellow Drive, it can fit on more smaller decks.

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