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The Blithe Cruelty Of Best Buy

I’ve been watching the Best Buy website for another US$100 cut of the iPad Mini 4 price. They actually did it just for a weekend once. Tonight I checked their site — something I usually do Sunday or Monday — … Continue reading

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Internet Archive: Castle Of Frankenstein Magazine

Wikipedia: Castle of Frankenstein Castle of Frankenstein was an American horror, science fiction and fantasy film magazine, published between 1962 and 1975 by Calvin Thomas Beck’s Gothic Castle Publishing Company, distributed by Kable News. Larry Ivie – who also was … Continue reading

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An Impossible Electric Skateboard: Mellow Drive On An ELOS Clone Deck!

Electrified 17” Board with Mellow This is supposed to be impossible. The Mellow Drive is not supposed to fit! Even when the deck is an ELOS clone (meaning the deck itself is the same size). There’s some TARDIS-like shit going … Continue reading

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Huawei Mate 20 X: How Did I Miss This?

How? Easy. I skipped the Huawei event video livestream and didn’t pay any attention to the press accounts. Huawei fell off my radar after the BLU Vivo XI+. And then today I came across a Charbax video where he discusses … Continue reading

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Google Books PDF On The Likebook Mars, Part Two

I never expected a part two. But Sherry took it upon herself to use The People of the Abyss Google Books PDF from her first test and use it again, this time with the Adobe Acrobat app. Likebook Mars APP … Continue reading

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Johnny In Taiwan Gets New ELOS, Makes It Electric

ELOS changed some aspects of their board to lighten it and drop the price. Johnny in Taiwan is probably the first person on YouTube with it. And of course he immediately converted it to electric. It’s what he does. But … Continue reading

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Oren Returns With A DIY Belt-Drive Electric Skateboard

Oren is back! And he’s got a video showing the build of a belt-drive electric skateboard. His past videos have been all hub-drive. After the break, more screensnaps and the video.

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