An Impossible Electric Skateboard: Mellow Drive On An ELOS Clone Deck!

Electrified 17” Board with Mellow

This is supposed to be impossible. The Mellow Drive is not supposed to fit! Even when the deck is an ELOS clone (meaning the deck itself is the same size).

There’s some TARDIS-like shit going on here, defying physics and dimensions.

Or is there?

Time for some close-ups to uncover its Sekrits!

Here are the top, look at how far forward the truck mount is! That is far more forward than a normal ELOS truck. He had to drill new holes for the truck.

And at the bottom, the truck mount is right up against the Mellow Drive battery enclosure.

And then this:

At the back truck, there are two empty mounting holes! That means the entire Mellow Drive is being supported by just two screws. That’s dangerous AF! It’s the cheat Ronnie Sarmiento pulled to get the Mellow Drive on the BoardUp folding skateboard. He might have drilled new holes for the back truck too.

After all the sizing frustrations I’ve gone through in my head that proved it was impossible, someone else just went ahead and did it anyway!

Every Steely-Eyed Missileman Hands-On Real Man is probably sitting back, pointing at this post, laughing, and calling me a Poindexter Egghead!

I should have known better!

House, M.D.: Words to live by

In my defense, my money is expensive and I didn’t want to risk puzzle pieces I didn’t think would fit together.

Apollo 13 – Square Peg Round Hole

But all praise to u/spookyghost, a Steely-Eyed Missileman Hands-On Real Man! He’s also a true Mad Scientist!

Apollo 13 (1995) – Just Breathe Normal Scene (9/11) | Movieclips

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