Internet Archive: Castle Of Frankenstein Magazine

Wikipedia: Castle of Frankenstein

Castle of Frankenstein was an American horror, science fiction and fantasy film magazine, published between 1962 and 1975 by Calvin Thomas Beck’s Gothic Castle Publishing Company, distributed by Kable News. Larry Ivie – who also was cover artist for several early issues – and Ken Beale edited the first three issues. Writer-artist Bhob Stewart edited the magazine from 1963 into the early 1970s. Although promoted and sold as a “monster magazine,” readers were aware that Castle of Frankenstein, at the time, was the only nationally distributed magazine devoted to a legitimate and serious coverage of B movies. In addition to its central focus on classic and current horror films, Castle of Frankenstein also devoted pages to amateur filmmakers and fanzines. Its advertising pages sold full-length silent feature films such as The Lost World and The Golem.

This was published so irregularly that when a new issue appeared in a store, everyone would think they were hallucinating!

Having lost possession of my print collection (which was incomplete), being able to get it via the Internet Archive in e is almost beyond my dreams!

This is what the Internet was made to do!

Internet Archive: Castle Of Frankenstein

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