Oren Returns With A DIY Belt-Drive Electric Skateboard

Oren is back!

And he’s got a video showing the build of a belt-drive electric skateboard. His past videos have been all hub-drive.

After the break, more screensnaps and the video.

This is a single-drive build:

Sneak peek of riding:

The parts required:

Some grinding of a truck was needed:

The sandwich containers are back! Sistema should put out one called “The Oren.”


And then he had to build a second one:

Why? See the video!

Oren has a neat trick I haven’t seen anyone else do. He doesn’t use griptape. It feels like sandpaper. Instead, he uses outdoor carpeting! He says it grips just as well as doesn’t scrape his hands or clothing (when carrying).

The video:

Electric Skateboard Build – Belt Drive | Weight ~11 lbs | Price < $300 | Speed > 23 mph

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