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Video: The Rental eScooter War

A good overview and analysis: Why Scooter Startups Are Worth Billions The embedded ad begins around 9:00 when he mentions batteries. Previously here: Chronological List Of Electric Scooter Posts eScooters category

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Two Pictures Of The Impossible Electric Skateboard: Mellow Drive On An ELOS Clone Deck!

A black beauty! The Stealthboard!

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Mega Millions Lottery: Dr. Evil Jackpot

At the NY state official lottery site: Oops! At the official Mega Millions lottery site: At prior blogs: Mega Millions Mania How The Hell Does This Even Make Any Sense?! How To Get A Punch In The Face A Mega … Continue reading

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Flossy Carter On The Google Pixel 3XL

Google Pixel 3XL – Unboxing And First Impressions OUCH! His point about stock Android is absolutely correct. I spent this illness-cursed morning watching videos of the Xiaomi Redmi 6A and the BLU Vivo XI+. Plus, some videos about MIUI 10 … Continue reading

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The First Of My I Hate Winter Posts in Late 2018

I don’t give a damn what Science says about it making no difference what the outside temperature is for the human body to be invaded by a cold/flu. My own body says I’m most vulnerable during low temperatures and my … Continue reading

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