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Lime Rental eScooter To Open Store

They seem to be more aggressive and move faster than Bird on some fronts. Lime is building its first scooter “lifestyle brand store” There are plenty of people who still have never tried an on-demand electric scooter, and going through … Continue reading

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eScooters Do Not Suspend The Law Of Inertia

Lady Faceplant Fails At Riding Electric Scooter Previously here: Video: How NOT To Be Cool On An eScooter Video: Bird Rental eScooter Rider Hit By Pickup Truck Video: Another Report On Rental eScooter Injuries. This Time, Bird. Surprise! Rental eScooters … Continue reading

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Huawei Ditches American Phone Market

Well, now its official: The Android phone maker that’s more popular than Apple isn’t selling its new iPhone rival in the US Huawei, the Chinese phone brand that is more popular than Apple globally, has confirmed it won’t be selling … Continue reading

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Weekend Review: October 20-21, 2018

Despite still suffering from a biological invasion that caused my nose to blow through just about a half-roll of paper towels, I decided to play hooky on reading Saturday and head out for a tech investigation. Curiosity! It gets me … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: 2005 Series 11, Episode 3

Oh boy. They dared to go there.

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More BLU Vivo XI+ Camera Tests

I needed to run a new PDF test on the BLU Vivo XI+ and also decided to try the camera again. Click any to enlarge. More after the break plus two very short videos.

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Life Is Weirdd

Speaking of Business: Without Traf-O-Data, ‘Microsoft might not have happened’ One of those freakazoid things that happen in life. I passed by a traffic measuring device yesterday and thought about Gates’ Traf-O-Data venture. And now there’s a quote about it.

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Blecchmarks: iPhone XS Max Beats Google Pixel 3XL

Apple’s iPhone XS Max smashes Google’s Pixel 3 in benchmark testing This is no surprise. The missing benchmark — the only true benchmark — is trying Google Books PDFs on both!

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Video Ga Ga Video Goo Goo Video Blah Blah

Netflix’s Cash-Fueled Road to Streaming Dominance [if paywalled, use Firefox Reader View to bypass] $18.6 billion. That’s the amount Netflix has committed to spending on content, including many series that won’t show up on the service for months or even … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Joachim Roenneberg

Man who foiled Nazi nuclear plan dies aged 99 The leader of a daring World War Two raid to thwart Nazi Germany’s nuclear ambitions has died aged 99, Norwegian government officials said on Sunday. Joachim Roenneberg, serving behind enemy lines … Continue reading

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