Weekend Review: October 20-21, 2018

Despite still suffering from a biological invasion that caused my nose to blow through just about a half-roll of paper towels, I decided to play hooky on reading Saturday and head out for a tech investigation. Curiosity! It gets me off my sickbed.

I didn’t listen to myself last week. I said to myself, “I should look up when the Broadway Bomb takes place this year.”

I then would have known it was Saturday and could have viewed more than I did by accidentally coming upon the last riders! I saw maybe 30 or so riders, a mix of electric and kick (it’s mainly a kick event). One guy did it on a plastic Penny board! That took guts.

Sightings: Aside from those, on this island I saw sit-down eScooter of the Chinese type with a license plate. I didn’t think they could be licensed! In Manhattan, I watched a guy zoom by standing up on an eScooter that had a seat. He was standing so high! Something was wrong with that image and then my pattern recognition kicked in. I’d just seen my first real-life sighting of the OJO eScooter!

I think the guy was standing up to fool the cops as to the type of eScooter he was using. He sat down when he thought the coast was clear. There was no license plate.

I lightly pawed the Google Pixel 3XL. I would have done a full-on fondle but Google had it locked-down to the point that WiFi didn’t appear in Settings! I took a few photos in the Best Buy and was not at all impressed by the camera. The entire 3XL package just pales before the iPhone XS Max.

I lightly pawed the Asus ZenFone 5Q, a phone that re-appeared on my radar because. Well, it got a big update recently that fixed some camera problems owners reported. I thought the camera was better than the BLU Vivo XI+. And the entire phone felt premium — perhaps moreso than the Pixel 3XL! I couldn’t get test photos off it because of Best Buy WiFi problems. When I remembered how I could do it, I returned later that day but someone was really hogging the 5Q.

I passed by The Velvet Underground Experience.

Despite walking up Broadway — and down again! — I again forgot to look for Casey Neistat’s 368.

I did a new PDF test that encompassed these devices: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7, BLU Vivo XI+, iPad Mini 4, iPad 2018, and iPad Pro 10.5. That post will appear sometime this week.

Reading was the completion of Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray by Sabine Hossenfelder. How can you not love a book that contains the sentence, “Science works, bitches.”?

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