iPhones Are Hard To Use (Other Phones Are Even Worse!)

iPhones are hard to use

I once wrote a user manual for a handheld engine-diagnostics module for Daewoo cars. I know “hard to use” when I see it. iPhones are hard to use.


He goes on from there to make valid points. Many valid points. And reveals things I never knew an iPhone could do too!

And no, I’m not going to defend Apple at all. But I do want to say that I once had to continually coach someone on how to do things on their expensive Samsung phone. Like being able to dictate texts. Like using his voice to have the phone call someone.

Constantly I had to remind him.

And you know what I concluded?

Even the easiest things are beyond the grasp of fucking idiots.

But yes, otherwise, Apple does have problems.

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