Star Trek: The Plagiarism

Star Trek animated comedy series ordered from Rick and Morty writer

The first-ever official Star Trek comedy series has been ordered.

CBS All Access has greenlit an animated series from Emmy-winner Mike McMahan, a writer on Adult Swim’s sensation Rick and Morty. The half-hour series is titled Star Trek: Lower Decks and will tackle the Federation from a comedic perspective, focusing “on the support crew serving on one of Starfleet’s least important ships.”

Someone is being ripped-off here.

I saw a series like this recently. Well, not the entire series (I didn’t like it). Maybe two episodes. It was low-budget and live-action and done for a streaming service.

While not set in the Star Trek universe, it was still that exact premise. I’ll be damned if I can recall the name of it now. I just wanted to forget it and it seems I have.

But it looks like someone tied into the TV Matrix also saw it and figured he could cash in …

Same-day update: Commenter unwiredben motivated me to find what I saw. It was Starship Icarus. See the first episode on YouTube. See the premise that’s being ripped off right here.

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3 Responses to Star Trek: The Plagiarism

  1. unwiredben says:

    Are you thinking of Other Space which was streaming on Yahoo?

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