Xiaomi Versus Lyft In Rental eScooter Modifications

This is rather screwy …

Xiaomi doesn’t want Lyft using its electric scooters

“We also do not condone Lyft’s unauthorized modification or retrofitting of our electric scooters for general public use,” Xiaomi wrote in its letter.

If Lyft does not cease to use, purchase and modify its scooters, Xiaomi says it will pursue legal action against Lyft. Xiaomi also demands that Lyft must stop deploying its scooters “that have been modified without our consent in public scooter rentals.”

I will leave this to the lawyers. It’s just too bizarre for me to even process. And I suspect there are other factors not being made public. It will all come out in court, if it ever reaches it.

But it’s not like Xiaomi’s M365 eScooter doesn’t already have alternate firmware!

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