Apple Runs Scared, Runs Stupid, Runs Smug

Apple will stop reporting unit sales for iPhone, iPad and Mac from next quarter

Apple just announced on its earnings call that it will stop reporting unit sales for iPhone, iPad and Mac from next quarter — the start of its next financial year. The company already withheld unit sales for Apple Watch, AirPods and similar products as part of its ‘Other Products’ business.

However, opting not to release numbers for its biggest revenue drivers, especially the iPhone, is a huge deal. It means investors can only guess at just how successful Apple’s flagship products are being received by the market.

On the call, Luca Maestri said that “number of units sold in a quarter is not representative of underlying state of business.” This reflects slowing unit sales growth in key products — the iPhone grew 0% in units this quarter — and Apple’s expanding reliance on services for ongoing sales growth.

You know who’s generally afraid of giving details? Con artists!

Everyone has noted how Apple has raised the Average Selling Price (ASP) of their products. This was especially noticed with this week’s Event.

This is a shuck-and-jive shell game move where Apple gets to boast about money taken in while not revealing the deteriorating state of units going out. This is a cover for incompetency and mismanagement. No one gets to question anything.

This is probably one of the worst moves Apple could make.

And yeah, don’t open your maw and name other companies not reporting unit sales. We still don’t really know the sales trajectory of the Kindle from year one. That’s a huge story yet to be told. Also, this is Apple we’re talking about. Not just any company. They set an example for others.

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