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WTF: Ford Motor Company Acquires Spin eScooter Rental

Scoop: Ford buying e-scooter company Spin One source puts the price tag in the range of $40 million, which is around where Spin was valued after its Series A funding last year. Huh? What? Hey, Ford (and Axios, which did … Continue reading

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Kurt V. Resurfaces With A New eScooter: Hero S5 Pro

After praising the first S5, Kurt V.’s YouTube went mysteriously silent. That caused me to wonder about the quality of the eScooter — as well as a complaint about it from someone who ordered it directly from China. Well, Kurt … Continue reading

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Waves: A New eScooter Rental Startup

Waves – The social scooter company Um, yeah. Those eScooter “social surfers” better have inspection and maintenance experience as well as many spare parts And be clear about who has primary liability. And, really, who wants strangers showing up at … Continue reading

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Glow-In-The-Dark BoardUp Folding Skateboard

Dahyum! 折疊滑板貳號機(品牌:Boardup) Previously here: Meepo Electric Skateboard Guts Placed On A BoardUp Folding Skateboard Mellow Drive On BoardUp: Ronnie Cheated First Video Of BoardUp Folding Electric Skateboard Today Was BoardUp Research Day Mellow Drive On A Folding Skateboard eSkateboards category

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iOS 13

Rumors that iOS 13 will offer tabbed windowing. WTF is that, you might ask (as I did). It looks like this on Google’s in-development Fuchsia OS: App Title bars! After the break, windowing.

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American Election 2018 Aftermath

This guy … … it got to the point where every YouTube video had an unskippable pre-roll ad for him! Despite that, he got my vote — as a vote against incumbent Donovan. But really, I would have voted for … Continue reading

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