Blog Notes: WordPress Pushes A New Post Editing System

WordPress Editor

Frankly, they can go fuck their blocks.

They’ve already tried to move everyone over to a new post editing system several years ago. There was an uproar in the support forum. Thankfully, someone posted a link to the editing system I’ve been using since 2006 so I could go back to using it.

Now they’re pushing a New new editing system. And they say you can switch back to the “Classic Editor” if you want.

But hang on. I’m on the Gen 1 editor. I never wanted the Gen 2 editor. Now they’re pushing the Gen 3 editor. Which makes me wonder if the Gen 2 editor is deemed the “Classic Editor” in their minds now.

I keep getting annoying prompts for Gen 3. No way in hell will I ever use it.

And if WordPress forces everyone to it, my blogging days will end.

Just so all of you know if posts here stop one day without any explanation. Because I won’t explain. I’ll just leave.

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2 Responses to Blog Notes: WordPress Pushes A New Post Editing System

  1. It looks like it’s still optional at this point.

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