Sneak Attack Snowfall

A coating to an inch became one to three inches and wound up with an official 6.4 inches in Central Park!

And this wasn’t fluffy snow. Hell no. It was heavy AF and fell fast and kept going.

The city didn’t do any preventative salting, so traffic became a total nightmare. I didn’t hear any plow pass by until 10PM last night. It was too late by then.

I have damages to attend to today. This will drastically cut blogging hours. Unless the damage is irreparable. In which case I’ll sit here and scream out loud like a crazy man as I did last evening when I had to walk to a nearby store and transit slush puddles and ice. Yeah, I was That Guy last night.

I hate Winter!

Same-morning update: The weather has gone insane. Ice pellets coming down now with Hell Wind. And the damages look irreparable but I’ll give it a shot this afternoon when the ice and wind leave. Dammit.

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2 Responses to Sneak Attack Snowfall

  1. “… I’ll sit here and scream out loud like a crazy man”
    So, business as usual?

    • mikecane says:

      Far worse than that. I swear, if this was like the early 1960s, the cops would have been called to send me to Bellevue. I was really yelling out loud in public! Making a disgusting spectacle of myself. Goddam snow! And it wrecked the thing I tried to un-damage. I hate winter!

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