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Weekend Review: November 17-18, 2018

Despite the cold, these sightings: 1 unidentified eUnicycle, 1 unidentified carbon fiber eScooter, 1 unidentified eScooter (likely an E-TWOW/Uscooter since it was strong enough to hold two young adults!). Tech has been covered in my iPad Pro and Lenovo Yoga … Continue reading

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Rene Ritchie Goes There With iOS

No no no no. He goes there. He wants to see iOS split into Phone OS and iPad OS. Oh gawdd … iPad Pro (2018) Review: Two weeks later! I can see the blood in the corridors of the Apple … Continue reading

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iPad Pro YouTube Test: Use The Damn App!

Via Mobile Safari, the highest resolution YouTube will deliver to the iPad Pro and iPad Mini is 720p. Nothing higher. 720p was the limit, even with 4K videos, even on the 12″ iPad Pro: All that horsepower wasted. I don’t … Continue reading

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iPad Pro PDF Test (And Apple Thwarts Me!)

The following PDFs were tested between the 11″ and 12″ iPad Pro (not all on both): The American Magazine 89 [290 MBs] Surface Japan [13 MBs] The King in Yellow [6 MBs] Fairy Tales from the Far North [30 MBs] … Continue reading

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iPad Pro 11″ Test Photos

I just did two. Click to enlarge.

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The Aftermath Of The 1918 Flu Is Still With Us

Pale Rider: The Spanish Flu of 1918 and How It Changed the World by Laura Spinney Because the flu had targeted those aged twenty to forty, many dependants found themselves deprived of their breadwinners. Some were caught in a very … Continue reading

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Idiot Rides eScooter On Sidewalk. Inevitable Happens.

Deep Ellum Scooter Sidewalk Fail! Previously here: Chronological List Of Electric Scooter Posts eScooters category

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The Strange Yet Compelling Lenovo Yoga Book C930

Whoa. I ran into this entirely accidentally at Best Buy this weekend. I thought I was in the Chromebook section! It’s Lenovo’s very odd — erm, thing — that has both an LCD touchscreen and an eInk touchscreen.

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The Overdue iPad Pro Test Post Is Coming

And it will be the final PDF test. I’ve gotten sick of doing them. I wound up with close to ninety screensnaps for this round. But I’m going to use the fewest snaps I can. Also, there will be two … Continue reading

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Apple’s New Pricing And USB-C Move Kills iPhone Sales

Apple Suppliers Suffer as It Struggles to Forecast iPhone Demand In recent weeks, Apple slashed production orders for all three of the iPhone models that it unveiled in September, these people said, frustrating executives at Apple suppliers as well as … Continue reading

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