The Strange Yet Compelling Lenovo Yoga Book C930


I ran into this entirely accidentally at Best Buy this weekend. I thought I was in the Chromebook section!

It’s Lenovo’s very odd — erm, thing — that has both an LCD touchscreen and an eInk touchscreen.

It sounds laughable, right? I mean, who the hell would want an eInk keyboard? Who the hell could even type on an eInk screen?

Shockingly, I could!

My first attempt was lazy and was filled with typos. But as soon as I realized that it was actually registering my keystrokes, I typed seriously. And no typos. The spacebar was where my thumb expected it to be and the keys were easy to hit and surprisingly large. Better than that craptastic keyboard case for the iPad Pro.

I was entirely charmed by it.

The build quality is fantastic. It looks like nothing else out there. It’s light — unlike the new MacBook Air! — and seemed very sturdy. The hinge felt muscular. It didn’t wobble while I typed, either. And it can be folded back to be a tablet in portrait mode. It’s thin and built so well I don’t think it needs a protective case. It can be slipped right into a backpack compartment, naked.

And what I didn’t know until I saw a Verge video (below), is that the eInk screen can itself be used as a display to read PDFs!

In fact, another video (below) shows the eInk screen being used to display manga!

This is some seriously cool shit.

I must have been lucky because the Best Buy encounter also had the stylus. I tried that and it was easy to write on the eInk screen in — I guess — drawing mode (the screen has a few modes; it’s not just the keyboard).

This really did a number on my head. For US$999, this is far more worthy of the price than the 12″ iPad Pro. It has a damn real filesystem for one. Plus a microSD card slot. And running Windows, I wouldn’t have to put up with the damn Frankenstein monster of the WordPress UI that I have to deal with on Mobile Safari. I wind up with half Classic Editor and the rest of the UI is jiggered for tablets and far less functional — and frustrating AF. (Looking at the Best Buy listing is confusing. The one I saw on display was US$999, not US$949. And I didn’t know there was a US$1,049 one.)

This is so new, there aren’t many reviews on YouTube yet. I look forward to seeing them to learn more.

Lenovo’s new Yoga Book: almost a laptop

山口真弘の電子書籍タッチアンドトライ「Yoga Book C930」 – PC Watch

This video is mostly positive:

Lenovo Yoga Book C930 hands-on: A futuristic and quirky 2-in-1 with E Ink display

This review is mostly negative:

Lenovo Yoga Book C930 – Review

Same-day update: Another YouTube Search FAIL. But at least it surfaced this video as a Recommendation. It’s a great overview of the device but you have to suffer the cold of the person explaining it.

Guided tour of the new Lenovo Yoga Book C930


Lenovo Yoga Book C930 site

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