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Lenovo Yoga Book Demands A PDF Test. Dammit.

I absolutely positively desperately need to try this! eBook mode on the eInk screen displaying a PDF. File picker:

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Wall Street Goes Oopsie (Again)

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An Electric ELOS Goes Rogue

Electric Elos Skateboard He originally did it using something I considered in the past: 7S2P 4AH Swappable Battery with 75*52mm PU Swappable Dual Hubs. He added Kegel wheels to the front: He kept the original ELOS front truck but needed … Continue reading

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Amazon Employees Join the Rush to Buy Long Island City Condos Condo sales in Long Island City are suddenly soaring, thanks to Amazon.com Inc.’s decision to open a headquarters in the Queens, N.Y., neighborhood. One local brokerage firm reported it … Continue reading

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iOS Pro? iPad OS? Whatever. It’s Coming.

Twitter (look at the date!): As far as I know, no one from Apple reads this joint. If there was/is, I’d like one of them to whisper to me why it’s worth getting an iPad Pro and waiting for this … Continue reading

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No Steve, No Vision, Is Why

Twitter: Not that there ever would have been an iPhone X under Jobs (he would have tossed Ive out of his office over that notch!). But Jobs would have seen the need to transition to a new port starting with … Continue reading

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Rental eScooters To Save NYC Commuters, Kill MTA?

New York City subway and bus services have entered ‘death spiral’, experts say “They’ve entered this death spiral,” said Benjamin Kabak, who runs the transit website Second Avenue Sagas. “The subway service and the bus service has become unreliable enough … Continue reading

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