Lenovo Yoga Book Demands A PDF Test. Dammit.

I absolutely positively desperately need to try this!

eBook mode on the eInk screen displaying a PDF.

File picker:

Into a folder for the PDF at the bottom of the list:

BAM! Single-page landscape:

Dual-page landscape:

Single-page portrait:


I want to try The People of the Abyss and the massive 290MB The American Magazine.

The Best Buy I saw it at last week better have:

1) The Lenovo Yoga Book signed into their fast WiFi

2) The WiFi better let me get to my blog

3) The WiFi better let me download from my Google Drive

4) The Lenovo Yoga Book has to permit downloads

5) I better be able to figure out how to get that file picker (duh!)

That’s a lot of Ifs!

We’ll see. This is my Weekend Mission!

Thanks to a video from Japan for showing this! Arigato! ありがと!

Yoga Book C939のE Inkディスプレイ – PC Watch

Previously here:

The Strange Yet Compelling Lenovo Yoga Book C930

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