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Fraser Speirs Switches From iOS To Android

He’s written so much about iOS that this revelation is rather jarring! On Switching from iOS to Android It turned out that, consistently, what I did with my phone was exactly this, in order of screen time: Twitter iMessage YouTube … Continue reading

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Mellow Drive Acquired By Manufacturing Partner

TQ-Group Merge Brings the Mellowest Prices Ever After two successful investment rounds of over four million euros, TQ-Group, Mellow’s main investor and leading German electronic and mechatronic specialist, is ready to take a bigger part in the e-mobility transition. Mellow … Continue reading

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January In November

Frigid winds to whip through NYC for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Previously here: Sneak Attack Snowfall The First Of My I Hate Winter Posts in Late 2018 Winter 2018 Forecast

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Doctor Who: 2005 Series 11, Episode 7

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Xiaomi Acton Electric Skateboard?!

I dismissed this months ago because it seemed to be promoted by a fan site, not by Xiaomi itself. I still don’t know WTF is going on here. Xiaomi usually partners with good products. Acton has a rotten reputation in … Continue reading

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Being Overrun By Idiots

*rips out hair* Idiot on YouTube complains about a Disney movie having female pirates. Moron! Anne Bonny A horde of idiots on YouTube complain about the male pregnancy in a recent Doctor Who. Morons! This isn’t even history! Bortus Lays … Continue reading

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Meepo’s Kieran Analyzes eSkateboard Batteries

This requires careful listening because Kieran isn’t a native English speaker but it’s worth the effort, especially for anyone with the skills to DIY a battery pack or is planning to buy a battery pack. Kieran has tested the most … Continue reading

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