Don’t Buy An eScooter For Christmas

This post was a Sticky from December 3, 2018 to December 22, 2018.

I was just asked on Reddit to recommend an eScooter to buy.

My reply: None.

I can’t recommend any of them because none of the companies stand behind their product.

Xiaomi and Ninebot/Segway shirk their warranty obligations. Swagtron has a history of being problematic.

And while I haven’t heard horror stories about E-TWOW/Uscooters, that might be due to them generally being sold through local brick-and-mortar dealers who are specialists in Alt-Wheels and know how to please customers.

Any eScooter ordered from China is a sucker bet. It probably won’t last a year. And do you really think you’re going to pack it up and pay shipping costs to China for service? Think again.

Skip the eScooters. Let’s see what next year brings.

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2 Responses to Don’t Buy An eScooter For Christmas

  1. So much for being the future.

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