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NYC’s NYCEWheels Stops Selling eScooters Due To Law

It’d been a while since I last looked at the NYCEWheels site. NYCEWheels is a pioneer brick-and-mortar store in NYC known for quality service, vetting the products they sell (they wouldn’t sell carbon fiber eScooters!), backing the products they sell, … Continue reading

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Panning For Gold. Finding It’s Fool’s Gold.

Earlier today: Big Money From YouTube It’s this kind of list that makes every site dump text for video. Panning for gold. They forget most such speculators went bust. And BAM: Digital-media bubble is bursting. That’s hurting generation of promising … Continue reading

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Oh Snap! Microsoft Surface Go TV Ad Stabs iPad.

Surface Go 2018 Holiday Ad: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Remix Microsoft relegates iPad to “toy.” Apple, of course, no longer having any vision will take the bait and screw up iPad and iOS.

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Rental eScooter Economics And Prospects

Lime and Bird worth $10B+ each or 5x to 10x more than their last valuations Some back of the envelope costs indicate that the payback period on scooters is a bit over a month, after which they earn about $11 … Continue reading

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Big Money From YouTube

YouTube top earners: The seven-year-old making $22m I’m a bit surprised to see Jeffree Star in the list. Used to follow him on MySpace. Good for him. He’s finally cashing in. It’s this kind of list that makes every site … Continue reading

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YouTube Impersonation/Account Theft Alert

Something might be going on at YouTube. This is so important to them that it was a popup: It hasn’t happened to me (yet?). But I’ve recently had to change some passwords. Still, it might be fairly easy to impersonate … Continue reading

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Users Rejoice! Microsoft Is Killing Its Edge Browser!

Microsoft is building a Chromium-powered web browser that will replace Edge on Windows 10 … I’m told that Microsoft is throwing in the towel with EdgeHTML and is instead building a new web browser powered by Chromium, a rendering engine … Continue reading

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