NYC’s NYCEWheels Stops Selling eScooters Due To Law

It’d been a while since I last looked at the NYCEWheels site. NYCEWheels is a pioneer brick-and-mortar store in NYC known for quality service, vetting the products they sell (they wouldn’t sell carbon fiber eScooters!), backing the products they sell, and being the first to sell electric scooters in New York City. They’re the kind of local dealer worth buying from.

Well, last night I went to their site and was surprised to find they no longer sell eScooters.

I emailed them and got this reply:

Thanks for contacting us. While we still sell electric bikes, we stopped carrying electric scooters due to the legality of electric scooters in New York City. We’re staying up-to-date on electric vehicle law, and we’ll reconsider as the laws update.

Huh. Earlier this year their site still listed the E-TWOW/Uscooters Booster Plus and another eScooter. Last year, I went to see for myself.

Seeing the increase in eScooter ownership in NYC, NYCEWheels might have been missing out on sales for months now. It’ll be interesting to see what brands they stock when the law is finally changed.

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