The Microsoft OS That Will Kill Centaurus

What is Windows Lite? It’s Microsoft’s Chrome OS Killer

Microsoft is working on a new version of Windows that may not actually be Windows. It’s currently called Lite, based on documentation found in the latest build, and I can confirm that this version of the OS is targeting Chromebooks. In fact, there are markings all over the latest release of the insider builds and SDK that help us understand where this OS is headed.

If you have heard this before, it should sound a lot like Windows 10 S and RT; Windows 10 Lite only runs PWAs and UWP apps and strips out everything else. This is finally a truly a lightweight version of Windows that isn’t only in the name. This is not a version of the OS that will run in the enterprise or even small business environments and I don’t think you will be able to ‘buy’ the OS either; OEM only may be the way forward.

Well, if Microsoft goes through with this, Centaurus is dead on arrival — at least for me.

Do you know what a huge hole there is in ChromeOS?

PDF reading!

Incredibly, even though Google has Google Books with jillions of PDFs, ChromeOS itself lacks an onboard native offline PDF reading app!

To deal with PDFs on ChromeOS, people have to use a goddammed app that connects to web storage! And it’s not meant for reading, but for PDF collaboration, creation, and editing!

To get anything offline, people have to resort to Android apps. Which is not a successful solution. Or any damned solution at all.

If the only way to deal with PDFs with this new Microsoft OS is to connect to a web app, they can shove this new OS up their ass. It will fail on that one key aspect alone.

Give us an Apple Books-like reading app or just GTFOH, Microsoft. Don’t give us yet another toy OS!

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