More Crowdfunding Fraud

The Swede created a $400,000 Indiegogo-scam – is Zen Blanket his next project?

Two years ago, Breakit wrote about a successful Indiegogo campaign called Bioring.

The people behind the campaign had managed to attract thousands of individuals from around the world to invest in a “smart ring” that the company supposedly had developed. The campaign raised around $400,000.

At the time, Breakit interviewed one of the people behind the campaign over the phone, a Swedish man who called himself Michael Johnson.

We did not know at the time that the founders of Bioring soon thereafter would disappear with the money without delivering any products.

He’s probably feeling pretty smug.

He’ll eventually learn this lesson: If They Want You, They Will Get You. Period.

I’m not clever enough to devise a scam. And even if I was, I have too many other things to interest me aside from money. Also, I have a great fear of ever winding up in a prison.

People who think they will never be caught always are.

Previously here:

The Crowdfunding Scam

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