Who To Believe? An Owner Or A Technoid?




Review: Lenovo Yoga Book C930

… Yoga Book C930, a triumphantly pointless piece of technology that stands before the world with its fists on its hips and proudly proclaims, “We did it because we can.”

This from someone who evidently lives in a bubble:

… I honestly can’t recall the last time I saw some reading an ebook on a device that wasn’t a Kindle.

Get out more, FFS. I see people reading eBooks on phones all the time. I rarely see a Kindle now.

People who have a need for the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 will grasp it immediately. People who don’t, won’t.

My fantasy: Apple is inspired to do an iPad Mini Book clamshell with LCD and eInk display like the Lenovo. Too bad it will never happen.

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