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Video: Using A Surface Go To Edit Video

Microsoft Surface Go Review – Can it Edit Video? (Review) Given the bad reviews I’ve seen, that is quite impressive. YouTube Commenters are impressed too: Actually kind of surprising that one of the most useful videos for people considering a … Continue reading

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Another Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Test Is Coming

I actually fell asleep last night thinking about it and the Microsoft Centaurus. Sad life, innit? I briefly pawed a Surface Go a while back and didn’t like it. I’ve since watched a few Surface Go review videos and that … Continue reading

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Reference: How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10

How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10 Well damn, I didn’t know this: To Save Your Screenshot as a File Press the “Windows logo key + PrtScn.” If you’re using a tablet, press the “Windows logo button + volume down … Continue reading

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I Just Broke My Twitter Silence

Dammit. But this is vital to me. I can always hope … Previously here: It Was Intel’s Tiger Rapids Before It Was Microsoft’s Centaurus Intel Microsoft Centaurus Prototype Looks Lustastic! Who To Believe? An Owner Or A Technoid? The Microsoft … Continue reading

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You Want BookBub

BookBub sends out a daily email listing free and discounted eBooks from all of the major sellers. Here’s an example from today’s email: That’s a hell of a bargain and a book I recommend. What’s great is that it’s available … Continue reading

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PDF-XChange Viewer Is Dead

It’s been replaced by a product that can also edit PDFs, PDF-XChange Editor. WTF. Doesn’t anyone just want to read PDFs anymore? Why would I want the extra code bloat that an editor would bring? Just give me a damn … Continue reading

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It Was Intel’s Tiger Rapids Before It Was Microsoft’s Centaurus

I’ve found more information in four YouTube videos. Notebook Italia has one that gives the most information about the rumored Microsoft Centaurus. The original prototype was called Tiger Rapids. Screensnaps first! Click any to enlarge.

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Feel The Price Burn, Apple!

Twitter: If the XR and XS had those prices for real, Apple would be setting sales records not just for iPhone but for the entire industry. At the next iPhone introduction, I hope Tim Cook has this to say: “In … Continue reading

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The Decline Of The DVD

I got an interesting email from the New York Public Library: The New York Public Library is changing the way it provides DVDs to the public. Beginning on January 28, the Library will offer browsable, circulating DVD collections at 28 … Continue reading

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Smartphone Commodity Usage

Frasier Speirs switching from iOS to Android has really stuck in my mind. Let’s review his thinking in brief: It turned out that, consistently, what I did with my phone was exactly this, in order of screen time: Twitter iMessage … Continue reading

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