Feel The Price Burn, Apple!


If the XR and XS had those prices for real, Apple would be setting sales records not just for iPhone but for the entire industry.

At the next iPhone introduction, I hope Tim Cook has this to say: “In 2007, Apple reinvented the phone. Today, Apple is reinventing phone pricing.

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2 Responses to Feel The Price Burn, Apple!

  1. Apple has created its brand not to sell good products for fair prices, but to make people buy mediocre products with enormous price premium
    So, now less and less people are ready to buy $300-smartphone analogue for 1000 bucks
    Either Apple will make innovative products (or at least contemporary ones, look at 2018 chinese phones an then on Apple/Google, the latter are obsolete) or iPhone business will suffer.

    • mikecane says:

      I hardly think Apple’s iPhone is a mediocre product. That could be said of their current notebooks and desktops, however. Their current pricing runs counter to Jobs’ original vision of making products affordable for the masses, not just the upper classes.

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