It Was Intel’s Tiger Rapids Before It Was Microsoft’s Centaurus

I’ve found more information in four YouTube videos.

Notebook Italia has one that gives the most information about the rumored Microsoft Centaurus.

The original prototype was called Tiger Rapids.

Screensnaps first! Click any to enlarge.

Odd tablet UI:

And yes, there’s a keyboard mode for that EPD screen …

… and I hope that’s just one type of keyboard mode because it would suck to type on that.

Notebook Italia never got a good shot of the spec screen, so I had to do a crop:

US$600-$700 projected price? Count me in!

The reason for that strange keyboard set wayyy in:

… a writing area where the trackpad (and more keys!) should be …

… that also does HWR!

A tour around the edges:

I hope that changes. Just one USB-port and no microSD card slot! What is this, an iPad?! The Surface Go manages a microSD card slot. This must have one too. And at least a second USB-C port.

Blank EPD screen (probably a drawing mode):

And there’s a proposed folio case:

I’d skip the case. This looks like something that can travel naked.

All of this just makes me even more excited.

Intel Tiger Rapids, notebook dual screen da 7,8 pollici con penna e eInk e Pocket PC smartphone ITA

Engadget in English:

Intel Tiger Rapids Hands-On at Computex 2018




Spannend: Intel Tiger Rapids ist ein Dual Display Tablet mit Stift & E Ink

If that EPD screen can also act as an eReading display and do Google Books PDFs as well as the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 does, then this is the device I’ve always needed!

Steve Jobs:

A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.

It’s true. But when they see it, it must also work well when they try it. I didn’t believe the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 was worthwhile until I got my hands on it.

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