Mini Test Of The Surface Go

After seeing this video and others, I decided to try the Surface Go again.

Thanks to the new superpower I gained — using a key combination to save a screensnap — this went rather smoothly. At least in that respect.

Click any image to enlarge.

Specs of the Surface Go demo unit at Best Buy:

No joy trying to see my own site:

Damn Best Buy WiFi!

And of course I tried a quick Google Books PDF test. Because this is what matters the most to me:

FFS, it opened it in the browser! Who the hell wants to view a PDF in a browser?! Are you people nuts?

Still the browser:

Right. I had enough of that stupid shit. Let’s save the file via right-click:

And behold! The full blast of Microsoft Stupidity:

There is no bundled resident app to read a PDF file!

Why! The! Hell! NOT?!

Are PDFs a new file format? Am I the only person who wants to read a PDF quickly?

Does Microsoft really expect people to dig through their damn Store and test app after app until a satisfactory one is found?! That’s bullshit. The kind of bullshit I went through with Android. That’s a brain tumor-inducing headache! And an invitation to god knows what malware.

Microsoft, create a damn basic PDF reader for Windows! Something that just reads them. OK, and maybe also allows screensnaps of the image area automagically (see how PDF-XChange Viewer does that with a right click; you guys make it an on-screen button!). OK, and also has a Library function.

Really, this is Not Too Much To Ask. Dammit.

Even the iPad does PDF reading built-in, in the Books (formerly iBooks) app.

And don’t tell anyone to use that effin abomination from Adobe instead!

This is on you, Microsoft. Period.

I hope this child isn’t looking to use PDFs on Christmas Day:

Surface Go 2018 Holiday Ad: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Remix

Especially if she’s eager to read a paper about the gentle Manatee!

The Surface Go is still not something I could use. That keyboard! On an angle, my typing causes it to flex as if my fingers are bouncing on a trampoline. Put flat, the keys have no grip, they’re slick, and my fingers tend to actually slide off them!

And: NO. PDF. APP.

Fix that last one, Microsoft!

Fix it before you ever release the rumored Centaurus (Surface Folio? Surface Note? Surface Write?). It’s vital for its EPD/eInk screen! Without it, you will get howls of laughter around the world for such an oversight!

Monday, my post about the All-In Test of the Lenovo Yoga Book C930. Worth the wait!

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