The Guy Who Edits Video On A Surface Go Is Back

I’m not a Subscriber so had to wait for a Recommendation (I should’ve checked his Channel; lazy me…).

Microsoft Surface Go 2 Months of Use Review

Previously here:

Mini Test Of The Surface Go
Video: Using A Surface Go To Edit Video
Oh Snap! Microsoft Surface Go TV Ad Stabs iPad.
Surface Go. Or No?

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2 Responses to The Guy Who Edits Video On A Surface Go Is Back

  1. scheblein says:

    I evaluated the surface go and loved it, but as I mentioned somewhere else, I had to return it. What killed the windows phone will kill win 10 s. Lack of apps! And I wasn’t going to convert to non-s mode in that would open this tablet up to a plethora of attacks that you don’t have an iOS or (mostly) android. And this the tablet would be killed by a traditional AV suite…

    • mikecane says:

      Windows Defender is actually pretty good these days and mostly what I count on now. I run Malwarebytes manually and irregularly. And I stay the hell away from Avast because it tends to bog down every machine.

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