Converting An Auctioned Bird Rental eScooter To Private Use

This is for Bird rental eScooters that have been impounded by a municipality and then put up for legal auction to the general public.

Do not try to steal a Bird to convert it. You’re not that smart. You will be caught, arrested, and prosecuted. You have zero idea how many other identifiers are on a Bird that the police and Bird can check. Once in jail, you’ll be laughed at by the other prisoners.

Abandoned Bird Scooter now works like a regular scooter!

Anyone who pays above US$100 for an auctioned rental eScooter is an idiot. These eScooters have a lot of prior use on them and the wear and tear creates faults that sometimes can’t be seen. Loose battery connections. Screws loose. Brake problems. Shaky stems. And those tires are pneumatic and are more prone to go flat than brand-new ones. Also: These eScooters won’t fold. That’s another part to buy and another mod to do. Plus, the battery might have a shorter life cycle than expected. Replacing the battery is expensive. Finally, you will probably have to buy the charger. Yet another expense. Buying an auctioned rental eScooter should be considered a bet.

Finally: Duh! Remove the Bird branding!

Same-day update: The video was reuploaded. Prior one embed and URL updated.

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