Likebook Mars Firmware Update

In a series of tweets (one, two, three, four) Boyue announced a new firmware for the Likebook Mars. For simplicity and expediency, I will quote the text of the tweets:

1. The overall contrast enhanced;

2. The dictionary is redefined and revised (the thesaurus can be updated online);

3. Solve the problem of a sudden decrease of power during the system standby process;

4. Add the function of hiding the application icon;

5. Solve the problem of some comics display is not full;

6. Solve the problem that the words of first line cannot be scored;

7. Solve the black screen problem caused by the non-response of the third-party application;

8. Solve the problem of blurring after PNG format picture rotation;

9. Solve the problem of PDF book settings will restore to the default.

Bonus Round: The Likebook Mars is now available with free Prime shipping via Amazon.

Boyue gets credit for fixing those issues.

I’ve been thinking about this device a lot lately.

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