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Blog Notes: I’ve Overflowed The Blog Again

The number of new posts today exceeds the capacity of the template to display all of them in a single scroll. Click the “Older posts” button at the end of the scroll for more. Today’s first new post was: Dune.

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R.I.P. Actor/Director Penny Marshall

Penny Marshall, ‘Laverne & Shirley’ Star Turned Director, Dies at 75 Penny Marshall, the nasally and good-natured Bronx native who starred on the ABC ratings sensation Laverne & Shirley before shattering records as a top-grossing female director in Hollywood, has … Continue reading

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The Dollar Menu Of Doom And Death

Dollar Stores Planning for Permanent American Underclass, Sell More Groceries Than Whole Foods I can easily get to a Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and three Family Dollar stores. Do you want to have an intestinal adventure? Buy some of their … Continue reading

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Lime Rentals Issues Year-End Report And Omits A Vital Stat

Lime 2018 Year End Report Examines Stunning Growth Of Micro Mobility Direct link to the separate report, which is a PDF. Here’s an example, which covers part of my Hood: Click = big Did you notice the omission? It was … Continue reading

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Don’t Poison The Well

Ambient Cruelty How did consumers get the idea that pleasing service is a matter of justice? There is no fundamental human right to a short wait time, a smile, or a perfect evening out. “Good service” doesn’t have a universally … Continue reading

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Rising Instagram Stars Are Posting Fake Sponsored Content Monica Ahanonu, an illustrator and Instagram influencer with nearly 12,000 followers, said that fake ads have become so common that she’s not even sure who is sponsored and who is pretending. While … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Remission Defies Reality

Girl’s inoperable brain tumor disappears, doctors can’t explain it Mysteries like this only add to my generalized sense of frustration. How does it happen? Why does it happen? This case in particular is very surprising. If we could understand the … Continue reading

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Video: Student-Made Speculative Bird eScooter TV Ad

Out of three, this one merits an embed. Description: This is a student-produced ad for Bird Scooters. Takeaway: Why be held captive in an über with a creepy driver, when you can just Bird instead? This student spec commercial was … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic. Yet.

The stock market is on pace for its worst December since the Great Depression Something strange is going on here. I also wonder how much the Bitcoin crash has contributed to this. Previously here: Ho! Ho! Low!

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Micro, Not Razor, Created The Modern Kick Scooter

This is a welcome article that corrects the record and will dispel misconceptions and false credit. It also raises Micro in my estimation. They’re a more serious player than I thought. The Man Behind the Scooter Revolution These recollections are … Continue reading

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