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Video: Windows 10 Wrongs

Why I stopped using Windows 10 | 8 Major Reasons Ugh. The accursed Windows Update. No more Safe Mode boot option? And the Comments! The Comments are brutal. Given the videos he posted after this one, he switched to Linux! … Continue reading

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NYC Needs Rental eScooters NOW. Transit Meltdown Ahead.

MTA finance panel gives nod to NYC congestion pricing as ‘attractive’ way to fund agency “Failure of the public transportation system is the single biggest threat to the continued livability and prosperity of the New York metropolitan region,” the report … Continue reading

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A Video You Never Want To Understand

Gene expression profile predicts response to pembrolizumab Sidenote: You’ve heard of Pembrolizumab from TV. It received Breakthrough status from the FDA and has been commercialized. Its trade name is Keytruda. And yes, I understand enough of that video to know … Continue reading

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The Perils Of A Blog

As evidenced in this post, I have come to think differently about eScooters. After my initial enthusiasm, I have had to acknowledge that there’s still progress that needs to be made pertaining to eScooter durability. Unfortunately, this being a blog, … Continue reading

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An Insider’s View Of Bird Rental eScooter Damage

Here’s the video Description: 75% of Bird scooters on the road are damaged and in need of service, which they clearly are not getting from the company itself, so I try to at least tighten loose bolts and adjust brake … Continue reading

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