NYC Needs Rental eScooters NOW. Transit Meltdown Ahead.

MTA finance panel gives nod to NYC congestion pricing as ‘attractive’ way to fund agency

“Failure of the public transportation system is the single biggest threat to the continued livability and prosperity of the New York metropolitan region,” the report concluded.


Suggestions for raising more money from the MTA include a Manhattan “cruising” fee on for-hire vehicles, a tax on transfers of commercial property, taxing the sale of properties over $5 million, and earmarking transit tax money from legal marijuana, polluters, or gambling.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Congestion pricing now: And cut MTA labor costs, while you’re at it

The public should pay a bit more for a better transit system through tolls, taxes and higher fares.

Yeah, let’s just dump more money into a system that doesn’t work.

And let’s mix it up with making driving even more complex within Manhattan. And maybe tax the hell out of taxis, Uber, and other for-hires.

Those aren’t solutions.

As long as Alt-Wheels aren’t legalized in New York City — and eScooter rentals aren’t allowed — people are trapped by the existing choices. They’re held hostage.

It’s time to end this madness and let people have freedom of transit choice.

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