Boosted eScooters?

Boosted just raised $60M to make new ‘vehicle-grade’ light EVs

Mountain View-based light electric vehicle company Boosted just announced today that they have raised $60M in Series B financing. The company intends to use the funding to develop and produce new types of personal electric vehicles designed to be even more rugged and robust.

The writer speculates Boosted will enter eScooters.

Could be. But will those eScooters be for consumers or fleet sales?

While people on the Internet know of the Boosted name — and that might be just a subset of people interested in eSk8 — the brand is unknown to most people.

If they sink that US$60M into developing a damn good eScooter, they’ll need to raise another US$100M for just for marketing and advertising if they aim for the general public.

In terms of generally-known eSk8 brand names, Boosted has always had the most-expensive electric skateboards. Their Boosted Stealth is an eye-watering US$1,600. This while China stamps out competing boards priced between US$400-$600 (with drivetrains for DIYers priced even less!).

So anyone looking forward to a future Boosted eScooter better start saving their pfennigs right now. And maybe get a second job — and a third one for weekends too.

This adds weight to what I’ve said twice (one, two) this week: Prepare to pay at least US$1,000 for an eScooter that’s worth owning.

And note that while that price might shock many people, Singapore remains the electric scooter capital of the world. What they pay for eScooters over there — such as muscular Dualtrons — would probably make most people faint.

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