The Cult Of Star Cops

“Hey,” my brain said while I was walking to a store this morning, “Whatever happened to Chris Boucher?”

Yes, that’s how it goes.

After forgetting that for a few hours, my brain poked me again and I looked at his Wikipedia entry and noticed this interview in the footnotes.

A Google search result led to this article. And what? There was once a mini-documentary about the series?!

Right then. Off to YouTube.

And there it was!

Star Cops — and I will probably maintain this opinion until my death barring any new developments — was the best damn original TV SF ever to hit the air.

And hardly anyone knows of it.

Disagreements between the show’s creator and its producer was a contributing factor to derailing it. Lack of support for anything SF by sponsor BBC TV added to its woes. The death-blow came out of the blue — a strike by technicians!

But in its brief run of just nine episodes, it set the highest bar for original TV SF that no other show has yet reached.

The Cult of … Star Cops is a horrible 240p video with some glitches but it’s a must-see for the few of us who experienced the series when it first aired and have never forgotten it and pull it out for periodic rewatching. The series was — and remains — that good.

The Cult Of s01e03 Star Cops

And bonus! YouTube also has two DVD extras, which follow.

Star Cops S00 E01 – An Introduction – DVD Extra

Star Cops S00 E02 – Lights Camera Inaction – DVD Extra

I am one of the few dissenting voices when it comes to the series theme song. I loved it. I thought it captured the melancholic temperament of Nathan Spring (David Calder), who was the hub of the series wheel. I understand Chris Boucher’s objection to it, however. (Irony: HBO’s True Detective had a theme song! Star Cops was again ahead of its time!)

star cops theme

It was released as a single that I didn’t like. It just sounded “off.” See if you agree:

Justin Hayward ‘Star Cops’ theme, It Won’t Be Easy Without You

At one time, the entire series was available on YouTube. No longer. Anyone curious about it will have to track it down on their own.

It will be worth the quest!

Same-day update: YouTube search is an embarrassment. Here’s a Playlist of eight of the all nine Star Cops episodes! They’re not in order so some manual juggling will be required. Episode six is missing but can be seen here in four parts. Well worth the time! [February 6, 2019 update: Episode 6 is now in the playlist and the episodes are in order.]

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