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So. This Is What Fake News Looks Like.

Unsustainable. Previously here: This Is Very, Very Bad Have A Merry Recession Don’t Panic. Yet. Ho! Ho! Low! Wall Street Goes Oopsie (Again)

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My Final eScooter Post

Unless I wind up buying one for myself. Alt-Wheels advocacy in Chicago, highlighting the introduction of eScooters. Electric scooters: promise or peril? Previously here: Chronological List Of Electric Scooter Posts eScooters category

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A Video Memo To Every Damn Tech Company

Listen to your users, goddammit! A Video Memo To Tech Companies (Glengarry Glen Ross)

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Your Reference Reading For 2019

Published on Monday, September 22, 2003 by USA Today: How a Regular Guy Gets Homeless by Les Gapay. I read that one years ago and never forgot it. It took some digging to find it again at its current site. … Continue reading

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Say What, Amazon?

I was researching some hardware — doesn’t matter what — and checking Amazon and was smacked in the face with this roadblock: Huh? What? There are now products only Prime members can buy? Hey, Amazon competitors! Wake up your corporate … Continue reading

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Lenovo Yoga Book C930: A Simple PDF Reader Fix

When displaying a PDF on the eInk screen, one of the options to is do a clipping. It looks somewhat like my extraordinarily-crude mockup below: The selection box has little circles in the corner (my mockup does not). To get … Continue reading

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Your 2019 Preview And Blog Changes Ahead

I used an online service to trim, so there’s a watermark. Here comes 2019: Network: Things Are Crazy Yeah. Next year there won’t be any more eScooter posts. There are no credible eScooter reviewers so I can’t tell you where … Continue reading

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Dan Peña Gets To The Heart Of Robert Schuller

Schuller: What would you do today if you knew you would not fail? Dan Peña gets to the heart of that sentence: Yep. It’s not failure, it’s fear itself. WHY HIGH PERFORMERS SHOULDN’T BE AFRAID OF WHAT PEOPLE SAY | … Continue reading

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What The–?!!?

Who the hell told him this was a good idea? Let Me Be Frank Invoking his ‘House of Cards’ character, Kevin Spacey posted an alarming video that appeared to address new charges of sexual assault

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This Is Very, Very Bad

I’ve read that the crash of the xCoins wiped out over US$700B of wealth (OK, it was imaginary wealth, but still … they thought it was real). And with China in pain and about to undergo its own economic crash, … Continue reading

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