Lenovo Yoga Book C930: A Simple PDF Reader Fix

When displaying a PDF on the eInk screen, one of the options to is do a clipping. It looks somewhat like my extraordinarily-crude mockup below:

The selection box has little circles in the corner (my mockup does not).

To get a full-page screenshot, that selection box has to be manually stretched to cover what might be the entire page.

But since the page can be smaller than the screen, like here:

It’s not possible to grab the true page dimensions.

I think Lenovo has it all backwards.

I think the selection box should initially appear like this:

By default, it should select the entire page in its true PDF dimensions.

Let people shrink that selector to grab the tiny piece they want.

It seems to me this is more efficient and kills two birds with one stone:

1) It makes taking a full-page screenshot a one-step process

2) People are going to have to change that selector anyway, so make them shrink it instead of stretch it

I think this is a necessary fix Lenovo needs to make and it seems to me to be a minor one they can do and can quickly push out an update.

Please do it, Lenovo!

And Microsoft, if you’re reading this and have come to your senses and will include your own PDF reading app in the rumored Centaurus (Surface Note? Surface Pad? Surface Notepad? Surface Journal?), it should have that same behavior.

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