The Apple Bombshell

I had CNBC on yesterday when this news broke. I got to watch Tim Cook’s exclusive interview, analyst reactions, and market reactions.

The most interesting bit was watching analyst Trip Chowdry calling for Tim Cook to be fired! He was shut down rather quickly by the hosts. Here’s more of what he has to say: Trip Chowdhry: Apple is doomed. Good luck trying to parse what’s wishful thinking and what’s him trying to talk down the stock to make a future killing!

Cook continued to emphasize China being the main factor. He also cited why they decided to stop reporting unit sales, using the price spread of the Apple Watch as an example. Bullshit. People don’t care about price mix. It’s the raw number. Is Cook one of those people who wants to see sports drop scores? Because that’s what the hell a unit sales number is: A score. Sure, the iPhone has a small market share. But unit sales will indicate whether that share is shrinking or not. It’s a number that matters. What’s next? No numbers at all? The SEC won’t go for that.

On Twitter, the pile-on from Apple diehards — and I mean diehards — was amazing to see. Suddenly all of them were lambasting Apple for its new higher prices. These were the same people who a few weeks ago — hell, for yearsjustified Apple’s prices. Even fanboiz will turn on you!

Me, I really don’t care. One way or another, Apple will ascend again. But they need to get busy. If Windows machines — the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 and the rumored Microsoft Centaurus (Surface Note?) — can attract me away from an iPad, Apple is in more trouble than China having an economic swoon.

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