The Further Collapse Of Conventional TV

Tribune TV stations, including KTLA Channel 5 in Los Angeles, blacked out on Charter Spectrum service

WGN has been blacked-out here in NYC.

WGN is a station that runs Last Man Standing reruns, a show I’ve recently clued into.

I was thinking about this, this morning, and it hit me: If Last Man Standing wasn’t there on a conventional TV station, would I even be watching it?

It’s the climbing Mount Everest quote. Why climb it? Because it’s there.

I have to admit the same for Last Man Standing on WGN (and one or two other stations that cycle its reruns): Because it’s there.

If it wasn’t, I might have tried one episode and no others.

How many other people watch things because “It’s there”?

And what happens to all those programs when they’re not “there”?

There’s too much TV as it is. Who will have time for “old” stuff?

Prices for reruns are going to collapse.

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