Wake Up, Google Books! It’s Public Domain Time!

January 1, 2019 is (finally) Public Domain Day: Works from 1923 are open to all!

The Catalogue of Copyright Entries for 1923 states there were 6,977 American publications registered (some listings are from 1922, so are already public domain).

I’ve been paging through it and auditing compliance to liberating texts from Snippet View to Full View at Google Books in light of 1923 registrations now falling into the public domain.

First, distressingly, I’ve found that Google Books doesn’t have everything.

Second, I’ve found a Zane Grey story that’s blocked by public domain parasites. And go figure this: Google Books shows two for-sale editions, one from an American parasite and one from a Russian parasite! Why don’t they just DMCA each other and die? Google Books needs to have a backbone, tell both to go to hell, and liberate the original text. What? Either one will sue over a story? Puhleeze!

Third, although I’m a few days early according to the registration date, I’ve alerted Google Books to this book needing to go to Full View.

Catalogue entry:

Google Books listing:

Let’s see if Google Books replies or complies.

They’ve replied in the past.

Liberate the 1923 books, Google!

Previously here:

Google Books Has Feedback That Works

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