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The Winterim

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Winter? (Looks at prior posts. Oh.) Anyway, I’ve started to call it The Winterim. The Winter Interim. But I still hate it. I want to be able to walk outside without looking … Continue reading

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Juiced Bikes Posts Fake Area Code Nano Discount Price

The pre-release promo price was US$299. Now it’s US$399 and the howls of laughter over that price must have shamed Juiced. But their “solution” is outright fraudulent. Screenshot taken on January 2 (clipped from entire page): Screenshot taken today, January … Continue reading

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The People Who Create Big Brother

This is ominous. SELF-ESTEEM, GRATIFICATION & ADDICTION | Simon Sinek on London Real When the shit hits the fan for everyone, there will be millions out there who won’t care about the means used as long as they are restored … Continue reading

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Patreon Shitstorm

There’s been a shitstorm occurring over Patreon getting involved in politics they don’t “like.” I’ve seen a ton of YouTube video titles — and just the titles — on the topic. I decided not to watch any of them because … Continue reading

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The China Syndrome

Apple’s stark warning may be ominous news for China The significance of Apple’s results is partly that it sheds a tiny bit of light on what’s really going on in China – and how that might affect other firms and … Continue reading

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Xiaomi To Topple Apple?!

Opened Twitter this morning to have my mind blown by @evleaks. A leaked(?) video of a Xiaomi folding phone unlike anything ever seen before. Look! It starts out looking like iPad Mini-size:

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